Challenges we face - and how you can help us develop Hopeland 


Currently, we are a small team of two very highly skilled, full-time programmers (coding) and some part-time personnel.


At present, we have problems with our finances because we have already invested a lot into software, tools, and salary for our employees. Our capital reserve is starting to run out. We are taking on side jobs to keep up with the expenses, but this makes the development cycle much much slower and will negatively impact development efforts if we have to keep this up. We would like to release the game within a reasonable timeframe, and are concerned that frequently changing plans and timelines will hurt the quality of the final product. Even as a small team, our goal is to release our product to an international market. 


To accomplish this, we want more man power. We have connections to many individuals with world-class skills, and only lack the capital to hire them.


We are confident in our work, that it will create a new trend, and that it will generate revenue for us to continue development for many years to come. In the end, we only want to position ourselves to create the best game possible, and to be able to continue releasing additional content to enhance the experience.


Welcome to Hopeland!


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Your support matters! 

We need your help to reach our ultimate goal. 

With all of our capability, we will deliver the best gaming experience to you. 

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