The residents of Hopeland gathered here from everywhere imaginable, all seeking the last hope of humanity in this ruined world. Because of the many differing cultures and beliefs they brought with them, many groups and factions formed, each united in a common goal. Among the many factions in HOpeland, there are three factions that hold the most influence.


Grandiose Company

Grandiose is the company that was born from the idea to “rebuild the magnificent new world”.


The company is known for their high quality textiles, clothing, and many kinds of luxury products that do not belong in this cursed land.


Whether it be the noble suit and dress, or even the beautiful furniture like sofas and hand-made wooden chairs, all of it uses the designs of the old world. The products from this company are very popular among the high-ranking lords and other influential individuals because of their luxury. But under the noble facade, it is the largest slave trade network in the Hope Land. Every piece of fabric, every hand crafted product is made using slave labor that is forced to work to their last breath, and then replaced by another slave until the work is done.

Group motto

“The eternal art is crafted with life and blood”


The Baptism

Outside of the city wall, there are people that live and thrive in the unforgiving wasteland full of violent, malformed beasts. Any sane person would call this “hell", but for these people it is “home”.


These people called themself The Baptism. The way of life for these people is very similar to the nomadic people of the old world. They have knowledge of where to locate, gather and utilize the mutated flora and fauna that can be found all over the Hope Land. According to their tradition, they believe the old world people have exploited the resources of the land excessively, causing the land to become angry and swallow the whole world as we knew it.


Trading with outsiders is very limited among The Baptism. Only a few merchants have permission to enter their camps. But even then, everything must be conducted according to their traditions, any mistake can result in being permanently banned from trade with the tribe, or sometimes even death. But the goods are worth all the risk in the end.

Group motto

 “The old world was destroyed by their wrongdoing. We, as the new world’s people, must not repeat the same mistake.”


The Bessemer Union

Among the vast desert, the last surviving steel mill can be found. The outer surface of the factory is almost completely black due to the prolonged exposure to the harsh environment. This has earned it the name of “The Black Steel Factory”.


The factory is owned by the faction called “The Bessemer Union”. This organization monopolizes the tactical knowhow and equipment for smelting iron ore and steel, which allows them to have total control of all ore trade in Hope Land. Every batch of ore that has been unearthed in Hope Land has to pay a tax to the union in exchange for the right to sell it in an ore market that is owned by the union… Which happens to be every market in Hope Land. The Factory's main product is weapons, any melee weapon or firearm that can be found in Hope Land was most likely created there.

Group motto

 “The prosperity of Bessemer will be sustainability of all”