Hopeland Skills System

In Hopeland, Survivor will have many abilities and techniques that can be learned to increase their chance to survive.

These abilities will be divided into two categories. That is Skills and Secondary Skills. 

Each survivor will have total of 9 slots to equip these skills, three of which can be choose freely as Secondary skills, 

but another 6 skills will be randomized from the skill pool from one of the seven classes. Survivors can mix and match any class’s skill freely in all 9 slots.

Any duplicated skills will merge together to create a more powerful version of it at maximum of three. All six slots of the randomize skill can be reset in a limited number at a time. And with limited skill slots, survivors will have to create their own skill builds that suit their needs to stay alive in this world of Hopeland.

Survivor Class in Hopeland

There are 7 classes in HopeLand, each have their own advantage. 

The Medic is the master of Healing while Ranger is your class if you want to create wounds not patching them. 

Technician is the specialist of all kinds of machines and Scavenger is the opportunist that can find worth among all the garbage.

If you want to know who will be the last one to stay alive ,Survivalist is the answer. Infiltrator is the one who lives in the shadow, the time when the enemy finds him is when they die. And lastly the Trader, for them the most powerful weapon is not a gun or a sword but glittering gold in his purse.