The Weapon of Hope Land

Enemies that players have to face in Hope Land come in many shapes and sizes from the gian mutated wolf to the tiny but poisonous snail.


To fight back, players will need a reliable weapon as his side. But the weapons from the old peaceful world that we know are no more.

It is either completely destroyed or too damaged to be used. But of course, mankind could survive until now even if the world is gone mad because we have wit and cunning as our greatest weapon. We have figured the ways to create weapons from scratch by using anything we can find from this land.


So my friend, for the survival of mankind let's us learn how to craft your own weapon.

Weapon Assembly

The way to assemble a weapon is divided into 2 catagories.

  • Close range weapon - consist of all melee weapons.

  • Long range weapon - consist mainly of firearms.

Each type of weapon has their own resource requirement and method to create. To create a close range or melee weapon requires the “resource” while long range weapons or firearms need “part” to create one.


Close range weapon / Melee weapon

To create a melee weapon such as knife or axe, there are two methods available.

  • Forge a completely new weapon - need “resource”

  • Assemble from “weapon parts” that can be found by exploration.

         To forge a newly made weapon, you need a set amount of resources from three main resources in Hopeland that’s wood, ore and fabric. Each type of weapon also needs a different amount of resources to craft. For example, a knife will need 50 units of ore and 50 units of wood. Unfortunately, even if you have the required resource ready, you still can’t craft anything if you don’t have the tools and knowledge to craft it. This is when the crafter NPC come in. Players can find NPC that have required skill to create weapons scattered all over the world, you just need to find them first. Also remember, each NPC will have a different set of items that they can craft, make sure to find the right one.


        To Assemble a weapon, you need multiple “Weapon Parts” that can be found all over the world of Hopeland. Some of these weapon parts can be fit together to create a weapon. For example ; a wooden stick and a metal plate can be assembled into an axe. But beware, weapons that are created in this way have a shorter life span than weapons that craft from the first method. Your weapon breaks during a fight is the last thing you want to happen.


The advantages of the melee weapon over the firearms that it is cheap,  easy to use and easy to make. But sometimes, when players have to face the bigger enemy, the bigger firepower is a must.

Long range weapon / Firearms

The only method to craft a firearm is to assemble it from weapons parts. Each firearm needs 3 to 7 parts depending on the type of firearms. For example a Pistol will need 6 parts as follow

  • Pistol base

  • Trigger

  • Barrel

  • Bolt

  • Grip

When the player gets all of the required parts, player can assemble it into a pistol at the workbench, the help from NPC is no need.

The advantages over melee weapons is that firearms have much higher damage output than that of melee weapons. But firearms also came with their own limitation, that is the ammos. The way to replenish ammo is to find it from many places in Hopeland and in small amounts or crafting but it’s very costly to do so. The firearm should be the player's last resort when facing a great danger.